I’m a fan/reader of Second Life Fashion blogs and I thought it would be fun creating a fashion blog of my very own. I started doing my research and got my 1st photo post ready – when it all of a sudden it me. There are hundreds of SL fashion blogs.. what’s going to make mine special? What will make people want to read my blog and follow it regularly? Plagued by these thoughts, I decided a fashion blog isn’t my cup of tea.

The name Hella Pussy came about as a play off of Hello Kitty. Ya, I know, not very clever but I’m usually dressed as a neko in SL =^.^= I didn’t realize how perverted it sounded until I had already registered the name. So if you came here looking for something X rated, you’ll be for a rude awakening.

I was still uncertain about what to do with this blog so I talked to my best friend and she gave me great advice! She first asked me what was my favorite thing about Second Life. Honestly, that was such a hard question to answer since I have been playing for several years and find many different things about the game enjoyable. For the most part, because I’m such an introvert in real life, I would like to think I’m very much an extrovert while in game, some would even call me a shameless flirt. I love to do the most in SL in find a new place that I’ve never been before and explore while making new friends along the way. So that is what I have decided to blog about… as strange as that may sound to anyone out there reading this.

Basically, Hella Pussy is about things I love in Second Life:

* Shopping – Taking Pics – Clubbing – Helping People – Changing My Look *

* Innocent Flirting – Exploring – Hunts & Freebies – Making New Friends *

OK, there is just absolutely too many things to list right now, but I’m sure you all get the picture!


One Response to “What’s Hella Pussy”

  1. Tom Says:

    Hiya Val:

    I think your friend was bang on when she said, “What’s YOUR favorite thing about Second Life?”

    This was you bring your own unique spin on things.

    But letting people know about great locations (not just clothing stores, but good sales as well as fun and interesting places to check out) is what many people are interested in.

    In my brief time in SL, I am amazed at all of the different things one can do (remember, I was fishing that day we met).

    So while clothing may be the primary focus on your blog, I think it would be nice for you to include the other things you are interested in and maybe it will give some readers new ideas for things to do or see.

    And hey, maybe if people chime in with ideas of their own, you can one day post somethng of great ideas people have sent you.

    Either way nice blog! And I hope you keep doing this so long as YOU are having fun with it.

    Cheers for now, Val!


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