(vive9) Free HQ Skins!

August 13, 2010

My girl Sydd is always sending me LMs for amazing free stuff in SL.When I finally got around to visiting t (vive9) my heart exploded from excitement!

Inside the store on the ground are 4 bags, 3 containing amazing HQ skins and 1 containing unreleased clothes. I couldn’t quite possibly take pictures of all the skin (theres SO many) but I tried one on and shot a few photos outside the store.

Oh & meet Emilio.. He’s my new shoulder pet & he loves me.

.: LOTD :.

  • (v9) Belle Ebony Chic B Skin (FREE!!!)
  • TRUTH Macy in Burgandy Dark Hair $150L
  • [ESUGA] Fantasy: Teal to Blue Eyes $50L
  • *P.S.Style* Lashes (freebie)
  • *LC Scruffy Black and White Twitchy Ears $75L
  • [BedlaM] “Chained Death” Neko Tail (cheap hunt gift)
  • STC! Glitter Burgandy Dress (free GG)
  • *DbT* Valerie Boudoir Sandals (free GG)
  • *SN@TCH* Royal Bangles (freebie)
  • [Grimalkin] Topsy the Ellyfant (freebie)

I love you all kittehs!

XOXO Valentine Verino


2 Responses to “(vive9) Free HQ Skins!”

  1. hey when you get online can you send me an LM to *P.S.Style* to my alt, she needs lashes lol

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