It’s Fun Up A Unicorns @$$..

August 11, 2010

*chuckles* There is so much fun to be had over at Starlust. Some great designers have stores there & one of my favorites Tres Blah happens to be in the belly of a unicorn (& the only way to get to it is through the butt hole. How classy!)

I’m walking on rainbows… and underneath unicorn tail’s. What is that gooey looking stuff up there? *dies from laughter* My “Neighborhood Watch” tee is from Tres Blah for a $1L – HaaZaa!

“I’m #1 so why try harder?” tee is also dollarbie & theres ton more $1L tees behind the wall were I’m sitting so check out all that Tres Blah has to offer 🙂

XOXO Valentine Verino


2 Responses to “It’s Fun Up A Unicorns @$$..”

  1. Tom Says:

    HAHA! What a cool post! I am going to check this place out tonight!

    Thanks, Val!

  2. Be sure to, its waaay fun!

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