Interview That Never Was

August 1, 2010

I put together what I thought were some great interview questions (mostly questions that I’ve always been curious about fashion design in SL) and sent them to my friend and favorite designer LoveCat Thei. But apparently my interview questions where too “silly” to answer and its been weeks & no response so.. here is the from the post of an interview that never was…

I’ve been wanting to do an actual post for LoveCats shop & neko mall, to high light all the amazing outfits I got while I was working there. It would take me forever to take the photos and post them all here so I thought it would be an extremely good idea if I just used all of the add photos instead!? Yeah.. that’ll work.

LoveCats Thei is the face and owner of LoveCats shop & Neko mall. She appears in a lot of the adds and is the creative source behind some of the hottest neko outfits I’ve ever seen in Second Life. Each outfit comes with kitteh ears, a fluffy tail to *wack* in your friends faces and usually bloomers (neko boots) or extremely sexy heels/boots/foot wear. You know..

LoveCats outfits usually run about $350 to $400L but this week she’s having a special 100L SALE! There are sexy outfits prices at 100L in select parts of the store, be sure to check it out before the sale ends!


4 Responses to “Interview That Never Was”

  1. Tom Says:

    Wow. I’m sorry, Val. Don;t let it get you down though or let it discourage you from contacting other designers whose work you admire.

    Maybe this person’s real life got in the way of her ability to answer your questions. But if not, some people don’t deserve your admiration if their attitude is like that.

    Keep up your good work here.


    • You’re all too right. I wont let it get me down, it’s just really upsetting being ignored from someone you admire but ah well. I know quite a few designers & next time will just make sure they aren’t “too busy” to answer a few questions LOL

  2. did you send her a note card? maybe she never received it, people send me note cards all the time and SL eats them.

    also i’d rather see posts about you in the outfits, i think ad photos would be kinda boring and i can just see them in the store. more fun seeing your own spin on them

    • i sent the notecard & we were chatting while she got it, thats when she made the remark about the questions being silly. i sent her another NC days later to see if she’d still like to do the interview & got no answer back.. so.. yeah.. im really not sure but whatever, i really just wanted to help promote the store sale that’s now over 🙂

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