MM Boards, Dollarbies & Freebies Galore!!!

July 30, 2010

Check out all the outfits this spoiled kitteh got FREE from RAWR‘s awesome MM boards & lucky chairs. Yesterday I got a notice for a big box of FREE hair from (Posh). I’ll start off by showing off a bit of every thing =^.^=

RAWR! Anthem outfit worn w/ (Posh) “Vendetta” in Pink Passion w/ hearts  Hair

RAWR! Crush outfit worn w/ (Posh) “Take You Out Tonight” in Sunflower w/ Pink Passion Hair

RAWR! Cum Play outfit worn w/ (Posh) “The Affair” in Scarlet hair

RAWR! Versus w/ RAWR! Neko Boom Boom Boots in Black worn w/ (Posh) “Baby” in Sunflower Hair

OoEas! Cherry Corset ($0L) and *COCO* White Leggings (gg) work w/ (Posh) Oh Darling in “Chocolate” hair

OoEas! Midnight Mania 008 worn w/ (Posh) Oh Darling in “Chocolate” hair


2 Responses to “MM Boards, Dollarbies & Freebies Galore!!!”

  1. Tom Says:

    Wow! More great finds, Val! Again, so good of you to be writing about where people can get low-cost/free things. Keep up the great work, eh!

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