{Hallow Earth – Underdark}

July 20, 2010

While on my never ending search to find something FUN to do SL, I came across a fascinating sim called Hallow Earth. I checked out the store and there are some gorgeous clothes for men and women. They also have hair, full avatars and weapons just to name a few things.

I traveled towards the cavern and was mystified as to how beautiful all the crystals & luminous fungi are. This place is wonderful but not really made for walking, on the docks there are crystals you touch to rez a cave boat into your Objects folder  (if with friends rez large cave boat) to navigate and explore the caverns in more depth.

Though you can enjoy this place in any wind light settings, on the Viewer 2 I’ve been playing around with the settings to see what looks best and my favorites are Midnight or Ghost. It gives all the crystals and fungi a completely different glow and feel. It’s quite creepy & I’m loving it!

There are TONS of path ways so take your time and enjoy getting LOST in these mysterious caverns. I did some reading on the inspiration for the sim and it’s made for fans of weird fantasy literature, like the works of HP Lovecraft, Jules Verne and the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I’m fascinated most by the cryptic settlements, harsh looking with bright colors. There are not for rent but it’ll be fun getting groups of friends to do RP here!

Have fun visiting Tekeli-li in the Hallow Earth, Hallow Earth Barony!

XOXO Valentine Verino


6 Responses to “{Hallow Earth – Underdark}”

  1. Tom Says:

    Nice post, Valentine! You described this place very well. Glad you liked it!


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