July 15, 2010

Hello little kittehs, hope you are all having a lovely week. I have been quite the busy bee! Unfortunately I had to stop working at LoveCats shop but I still go there from time to time to see all the amazing friends I’ve made there.

It’s rare for me not to be dressed neko in SL but lately I have been trying out some fashion trends that are very high fashion and don’t call for the kitteh ears and fluffy bloomers. I forget where I got it from but I got this Hello Kitty outfit for FREE and I’m absolutely in love with it. Then again, I’m in love with every thing Hello Kitty. Maybe I have a problem?…. Nah! *purrrsssss*


2 Responses to “=^.^=”

  1. Tom Says:

    WEll sure it’s not Neko but I think it’s totally fine to break out of the rules every now and then. It’s a really great looking outfit and it’s great that is was free, too.

    Plus this is YOUR blog, Miss Verino. Who’s going to make you post anything you don’t want to post?

    Go you! Rage against that feline machine!

    • *tickles Vella*

      Sometimes I wonder about you… but then my head starts to hurt and I go back to eating sweets xD

      I know its MY blog silly, but for the most part I would like to keep it neko themed at the very least.

      Some days a kitteh has to rebel against the furr!

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