June 13, 2010

I couldn’t wait to post these paw boots made by my friend Seatyn Magic.

These boots are scripted beautiful and totally size adjustable AND you can change the boots, claws, laces different colors & textures as well! No more having to get neko boots in different colors – these complete the kitteh look!

[BedlaM] is a great store for browsing around, they have a lot of random cool items, like the rainbow bangles (FREE)


  • ^DK^ Kitty Collar (free gift for DK hunters)
  • [BedlaM] Jolly Roger tank in Red (50L)
  • LC Defiance skirt (entire outfit 400L)
  • [BedlaM] PAW Boots (299L)
  • Mimi fishnets (lucky chair)
  • [BedlaM] Raver arm bands (freebies)

.: BODY :.

  • HAIR *TRUTH* Naomi Fire (dark) (200L)
  • SKIN Redgrave “Naomi 2” (dark) *Smoky 2* (forgot price)
  • EYES ~Stardust~ Cat eyes rubis (freebies)
  • EARS :::Sn@tch::: Elfie ears (150L)
  • SHAPE .: Mine :.
  • POSES *JUICY* Allure2 & Bikini5 (freebies)

COMING NEXT… I’m going to be posting all the fabulous outfits I’ve got since working at LoveCats!

XOXO Valentine Verino


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