Exploring LoveCats Island

May 29, 2010

My first post features one of my favorite kitty stores LoveCats Mall & Outlets. On any given day you can find me camping or recruiting kittens for Midnight Mania madness but on this day I had just stopped in to see the lastest sale item (@ LoveCats there’s a NEW outfit on sale HALF OFF every day! Tell me thats not love?) when I remembered I had just participated in LoveCat’s awesome hunt were 10 women outfits and 2 men outfits were on sale & hidden thought the mall. Of course I found all of them & bought about half, below I’m wearing my a new fav, LoveCats

After opening all of my outfits in store I decided to go dancing. I clicked on an landmark for a dance club I used to go to a long time ago when mid-TP it canceled out & dropped me off SOMEWHERE on LoveCats Island. I flew around for a while but the store is no where to be found (maybe its a sky mall?) but I DID happen to find one of the most beautifully scripted lands I have laid eyes on in SL. The trees are gorgeous and inter-linked with wooden bridges. Walking through the grass, you hear the crisp blades of grass crumple beneath your paw boots. It was quite an experience and I wanted to share the location if anyone wants to check out a truly glowing neko hang out! CLICK HERE

  • HAIR – *katat0nik* Vu Jamz Hair (all colors) Teal hair & bangs w/ black streaks
  • EYES – *NOMINE Borealis (I’ve had these for years/trans)
  • SKIN – *CUPCAKES – Daydream – Coconut – Fairy Pink 2
  • SHAPE – *Valentine – My own
  • TATTOO – *katat0nik* Sugar Rush Sleeve in Light
  • KITTY GEAR – *LC Desire in White (group gift from LoveCats!) flinch scripted ears and tail

My Outfit

  • *LC Reckless in Teal ($200 LoveCats, I purchased on sale day!)
  • *BM Surfer Necklace – lucky chair freebie
  • *JUICY Platinum ring – lucky chair freebie

So those were my adventures today in Second Life. WHAT’S NEXT?… I still want to find that club I used to go to & when I do I’ll have an event update.

XOXO Valentine Verino


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