September 7, 2010

Not that I have very many readers yet but if anyone is curious why I haven’t posted in a while, it’s because I’ve been experience terrible problems with SL for over a month. I got a notice that Emerald viewer was bad to use so after deleting it from my PC a bunch of my information on SL was LOST and it’s just been a hassle getting everything worked out.

I have TONS of new stuff to post (mostly Midnight Mania, group gifts & lucky chair items & now the Hair Fair is going on) so I just need to organize all of my newness and take some photos.

I’ve also been looking to rent my own home in SL so that takes up a lot of my time in game as well. If I had a preference it would be a beachfront home but I’m open to a skybox or whatever. Contact me if you know of any good rentals under 300L/wk!

Xs & Os Valentine Verino


(vive9) Free HQ Skins!

August 13, 2010

My girl Sydd is always sending me LMs for amazing free stuff in SL.When I finally got around to visiting t (vive9) my heart exploded from excitement!

Inside the store on the ground are 4 bags, 3 containing amazing HQ skins and 1 containing unreleased clothes. I couldn’t quite possibly take pictures of all the skin (theres SO many) but I tried one on and shot a few photos outside the store.

Oh & meet Emilio.. He’s my new shoulder pet & he loves me.

.: LOTD :.

  • (v9) Belle Ebony Chic B Skin (FREE!!!)
  • TRUTH Macy in Burgandy Dark Hair $150L
  • [ESUGA] Fantasy: Teal to Blue Eyes $50L
  • *P.S.Style* Lashes (freebie)
  • *LC Scruffy Black and White Twitchy Ears $75L
  • [BedlaM] “Chained Death” Neko Tail (cheap hunt gift)
  • STC! Glitter Burgandy Dress (free GG)
  • *DbT* Valerie Boudoir Sandals (free GG)
  • *SN@TCH* Royal Bangles (freebie)
  • [Grimalkin] Topsy the Ellyfant (freebie)

I love you all kittehs!

XOXO Valentine Verino

*chuckles* There is so much fun to be had over at Starlust. Some great designers have stores there & one of my favorites Tres Blah happens to be in the belly of a unicorn (& the only way to get to it is through the butt hole. How classy!)

I’m walking on rainbows… and underneath unicorn tail’s. What is that gooey looking stuff up there? *dies from laughter* My “Neighborhood Watch” tee is from Tres Blah for a $1L – HaaZaa!

“I’m #1 so why try harder?” tee is also dollarbie & theres ton more $1L tees behind the wall were I’m sitting so check out all that Tres Blah has to offer 🙂

XOXO Valentine Verino

+ No Salvation +

August 8, 2010

Years ago I used to look forward all week for Sunday because there was a great Industrial/Goth dance night at a club here in town. Everyone’s dressed in black, collars and chains, corsets and cyberpunk boots. Needless to say I was reminiscing days of my dance youth when I remembered this kickass goth club in SL called +No Salvation+

The +No Salvation+ Castle is built so beautifully & it’s the biggest castle I have seen on SL thus far. Once all rez, the ambiance may give you chills and a sense of spook – this is a haven for goth, vampire, demon, fetish  & dark RP offering a shop if you need to purchase HUDs and other role play needs.

I took my time getting re-acquainted with this place and enjoyed finding all these different places to take photos at. If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of stained glass windows *grins* and this cryptic altar was too cool for me not to get a pic, ya that’s me hiding in the middle. I sat and enjoyed goth radio.

Were else can you hear KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, Slayer & VNV Nation? Ugh.. no where I can think of on SL! If you know of a good goth/industrial/vamp club – be sure to let me know & I’ll definitely check it out 🙂

XOXO Valentine Verino

Interview That Never Was

August 1, 2010

I put together what I thought were some great interview questions (mostly questions that I’ve always been curious about fashion design in SL) and sent them to my friend and favorite designer LoveCat Thei. But apparently my interview questions where too “silly” to answer and its been weeks & no response so.. here is the from the post of an interview that never was…

I’ve been wanting to do an actual post for LoveCats shop & neko mall, to high light all the amazing outfits I got while I was working there. It would take me forever to take the photos and post them all here so I thought it would be an extremely good idea if I just used all of the add photos instead!? Yeah.. that’ll work.

LoveCats Thei is the face and owner of LoveCats shop & Neko mall. She appears in a lot of the adds and is the creative source behind some of the hottest neko outfits I’ve ever seen in Second Life. Each outfit comes with kitteh ears, a fluffy tail to *wack* in your friends faces and usually bloomers (neko boots) or extremely sexy heels/boots/foot wear. You know..

LoveCats outfits usually run about $350 to $400L but this week she’s having a special 100L SALE! There are sexy outfits prices at 100L in select parts of the store, be sure to check it out before the sale ends!

Check out all the outfits this spoiled kitteh got FREE from RAWR‘s awesome MM boards & lucky chairs. Yesterday I got a notice for a big box of FREE hair from (Posh). I’ll start off by showing off a bit of every thing =^.^=

RAWR! Anthem outfit worn w/ (Posh) “Vendetta” in Pink Passion w/ hearts  Hair

RAWR! Crush outfit worn w/ (Posh) “Take You Out Tonight” in Sunflower w/ Pink Passion Hair

RAWR! Cum Play outfit worn w/ (Posh) “The Affair” in Scarlet hair

RAWR! Versus w/ RAWR! Neko Boom Boom Boots in Black worn w/ (Posh) “Baby” in Sunflower Hair

OoEas! Cherry Corset ($0L) and *COCO* White Leggings (gg) work w/ (Posh) Oh Darling in “Chocolate” hair

OoEas! Midnight Mania 008 worn w/ (Posh) Oh Darling in “Chocolate” hair

While on my never ending search to find something FUN to do SL, I came across a fascinating sim called Hallow Earth. I checked out the store and there are some gorgeous clothes for men and women. They also have hair, full avatars and weapons just to name a few things.

I traveled towards the cavern and was mystified as to how beautiful all the crystals & luminous fungi are. This place is wonderful but not really made for walking, on the docks there are crystals you touch to rez a cave boat into your Objects folder  (if with friends rez large cave boat) to navigate and explore the caverns in more depth.

Though you can enjoy this place in any wind light settings, on the Viewer 2 I’ve been playing around with the settings to see what looks best and my favorites are Midnight or Ghost. It gives all the crystals and fungi a completely different glow and feel. It’s quite creepy & I’m loving it!

There are TONS of path ways so take your time and enjoy getting LOST in these mysterious caverns. I did some reading on the inspiration for the sim and it’s made for fans of weird fantasy literature, like the works of HP Lovecraft, Jules Verne and the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I’m fascinated most by the cryptic settlements, harsh looking with bright colors. There are not for rent but it’ll be fun getting groups of friends to do RP here!

Have fun visiting Tekeli-li in the Hallow Earth, Hallow Earth Barony!

XOXO Valentine Verino